Thursday, May 19, 2016


So this past Monday was our 7-year wedding anniversary. And both Mark and I FORGOT for the second year running!

Last year, it was my mom who chirped "Happy Anniversary" to me over the phone and left me mentally searching for what she could be talking about. This year it was my sister who so kindly reminded me that it was an important day.

I called up Mark and we both laughed at how quickly the time had gone and how bad we were at remembering dates. We even specifically chose May 16th because it was four days before Mark's birthday, believing that this would help us remember every year. No such luck.

I see this as a testament that we've been burning the candle at both ends for too long and also as a ready affirmation that what we're doing this next year is the right thing for our family. We should NOT be forgetting the day we became a family!

Fun fact: Our beautiful cake was baked for us by the talented and all-around good person, Adele Lind Nichols. It was a vanilla and buttercream layer cake with passionfruit puree and fondant. So damn good! Adele has competed in a couple of Food Network cake challenges and we were honored to have her design our very special cake.

Also, she baked the very cute little owlie cake for our daughter's first birthday, as seen below. It was chocolate because there is no question of serving any other flavor to the wee child.

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